“Rama entrusts Hanuman must leap to the Himalayas and bring back the healing herb from the Medicine Mountain to save Lakshman’s life. So Hanuman leaps over the ocean, and across the whole of India, to the Himalayas. When he arrives at first he can’t find the Medicine Mountain. When he finds it at last, it is covered with herbs and he doesn’t know which is the magic healing herb. So Hanuman wraps his arms around the whole mountain, pulls it out of the ground, lifts it up onto the palm of his hand and flies with it back to Lanka.”

– Ramayana, The Indian epic –

We sought out the latest innovations in health science from around the world to harmonize with the most effective treatments among the rich heritage of Ayurveda in Sri Lanka, thus creating one of the best wellness resorts for our guests.

Building upon our global philosophy and extensive therapeutic amenities, Santani takes a lifestyle approach to wellness with two essential components: we pamper your body in an environment designed at every level to revitalize you and we educate your mind so that you leave with healthy habits and practices which allow you to sustain greater mental, spiritual and physical well-being for years to come. That is the Santani lifestyle.


How does this work in practice? You let us help you to set aside the stresses of the daily life you left behind when you come to Santani. You allow us to detox your body while you naturally harmonise yourself within this serene atmosphere.

As muscles, including the mind, relax, watch your body bend in new ways and your spirits rise. Your mind soaks up new knowledge and practices which you take back when you leave us. Beyond the plethora of healthy indulgences for the mind, body and spirit at Santani, our success rests upon the mindfulness we impart so that you may thrive in every aspect of your life back home.

Come to Santani and immerse yourself in a wellness experience to last a lifetime.