Santani partners with the Amelie and Daniel Linsey Foundation

The Santani experience has always been the sum of a number of different parts. And each individual component plays such a crucial role in the Santani story. This is true not just of the design of Santani, but it is also inherently built into our ethos. Contributing to our community, our village and our country has been engraved into our value system.
That is why we are proud to partner with the Amelie and Daniel Linsey Foundation, which is focused on the recovery and progress of Sri Lanka via education, counselling, housing, trauma response training, the provision of trauma medical equipment and much more. We will be contributing 1% of our operating profit directly to the foundation, and in addition, we will be providing stays that will be used at charity auctions to raise more funds for these incredible causes.
Every single guest who stays at Santani will be part of this contribution, as this is directly linked to our revenue and we are glad to welcome you onboard. If you have already stayed with us, please feel free to visit the official A&D website to see how you can contribute to this worthwhile cause.