Regular cleansing of the body is a core preventative care that will help prevent the occurrence of many diseases such as cancer, hypertension, diabetes, cardiac issues, etc.

Santani Detox programs can be customised to different needs and durations starting from 7 days to 21 days. These can be basic introduction to detox or advance detox for guests who are accustomed to detox and cleansing. Santani Detox can be customised based on Ayurveda techniques or Western techniques such as juicing.

Key Components:

Personalised Wellness consultation with Resident Doctor.

Customised raw and vegetarian meals plus education about lifestyle choices for reducing toxins and alkalizing the body.
Hatha yoga classes (group activity)
Ayurveda and Western cleansing and detox treatments.
Detoxifying spa treatments including thermal salt bath,steam, sauna.

Goal: Clean the body of illness causing root causes and rejuvenate the immune system and other systems that help fight diseases.