Our unique programme runs for one week – 7 days and 7 nights. We try to be as flexibe as possible so the programme can be extended to 10 days, designed to allow for days off to recover, relax by the pool or in the spa or spend more time exploring the beautiful landscapes, history and culture of Sri Lanka.


Example Fitness Sessions


Core Blast 

A 20-25 minute core focused session done outdoors.The sessions will start with breathing patterns and drills to switch your core on so that you can get the most out of your workout. Short, intense intervals will provide your core and cardiovascular system with a great challenge!

Body weight strength and conditioning 

A combination of body-weight, suspension, kettlebell and high intensity routines will give your fat burning hormones a big boost. The session is focused on large body movements as well as high intensity cardio conditioning workouts. This 45-minute session will be tailored to your fitness levels and your specific goals. Expect fat loss and muscle toning from these fun and challenging sessions.

Fat burning interval training 

Designed by our personal fitness coaches specifically to elevate your fat burning hormones and give your metabolism a real boost! Each set of sprints will be designed specifically for you and your current fitness level.  Expect challenging, short and intense workouts with amazing weight loss benefits in amazing surroundings

Scenic cardio 

Jonny & Vera will take you on a brisk walk or run depending on your goals and current fitness levels.  These sessions help with weight loss and recovery as well as giving each individual a chance to uncluttered their mind in breathtaking surroundings.

Typical Day


07.00am Rise – Yoga & Meditation

08.00am Personalised Breakfast with fresh shakes and juices

09.00am Rest

10.00am Natural Movement Workshops and fitness coaching using natural landscape and terrain

12.00pm Rest

13.00pm Persoanlised Lunch

14.00pm Choice of: Personalised Fitness Sessions, outdoor activities e.g mountain biking, trekking or kayaking or Spa/Pool/Relaxation time

16.00pm Rest

17.00pm Daily Feedback and 1:1 coaching

18.30pm Personalised Dinner

19.30pm Nutritional Therapy / Life Coaching / Group Workshops

20.00pm Relaxing