David Zenon

Davide Zenon is an expert and celebrated healer with experience at worlds best wellness resorts including Chiva Som, Ananda in the Himalaya, and Six Senses.

With authentic presence and healing touch, David brings consciousness to the fears and blockages within our body and mind, and then works to accept, transmute and heal them. Every healing session is designed to address your unique goals.


david zenon profile

Jenny Mullen

Jenny comes from a background of Osteopathy and Sports rehabilitation and studied at Oxford Brookes University and St Mary’s University, London. A member of the General Osteopathic council, she is well versed in treating  a wide spectrum of injuries and dysfunctions such as sports injuries, post-operative rehabilitation, postural problems in adults and children. She uses a use a variety of osteopathic techniques such as trigger point release, fascial unwinding, mobilisations and manipulations of joints, passive stretching, MET’s, cranial techniques and ultrasound therapy as well as implementing appropriate rehabilitation programmes and providing ergonomic education. Additionally, Jenny is also a qualified Pilates mat-work instructor and incorporate my Pilates knowledge into the rehabilitation programs. At Santani, Jenny will provide personalized sessions, which include fitness bootcamps, osteopathy sessions, and pilates classes.


Sushant Pandey

Dressed in a traditional white cotton kurta and trousers, Sushant Pandey is the opposite of the Lycra-clad yogis of the West. As you practice with him, you begin to understand what the discipline is all about. Pandey radiates calm and can backbend his lean, flexible frame almost in two with supreme ease, yet his message is not that we need to be tying ourselves in knots or standing on our head. It’s about ‘being’ rather than ‘doing’ and a session may find you focusing on breathing methods and sitting postures rather than complicated positions. That doesn’t mean you don’t work hard: under his gentle and graceful guidance, you’ll find yourself deeply engrossed, stretching to your limits in the meditative detail of even the simplest postures, such as the tree pose. Pandey’s combination of ancient yogic techniques and an understanding of the 21st-century psyche encourage a profound shift in our day-to-day lives. Whether you’re a beginner or more advanced, your mind, body and yoga practice will be transformed.



Paramjot Singh

Paramjot is an experienced Kundalini yoga and meditation trainer, healer, counsellor, empowerment life coach and stress & burn out specialist with experience in some of the top wellness resorts in the world. At Santani, he will be offering personalised yoga and deep meditation sessions that  will activate the flow of your energy which might have been blocked and causing you pain, tension or stiffness. He is working as a yoga therapist specialized in teaching people recovering from addictions, mental illness, cardiovascular disorders, lungs and breathing problem, depression and cancer.

Through a powerful session with him which will renewed your energy and ultimately relax your mind. When we guide ourselves and are no longer at the mercy of subconscious habits, then we become the master of the Self. But to overcome old habits and start new ones we need strong nerves and willpower. It will reprogram your subconscious mind and prepare you to walk back home as a new person.

He also offer a deep tissue pressure point massage and chakra balancing treatments.

Evelyn Worz

Evelyn Param Dhyan is a German licensed Naturopath, psychological counsellor, reiki master and trainer as well as Kundalini Yoga teacher. She is gifted with a high degree of sensitivity and empathy to channel the healing energy.
At Santani, she is offering “Touch of Soul Healing” with the combination of soul counselling, ayurvedic massage and deep healing hands. Evelyn will also offer regression therapy, reprogramming, psychotherapeutic support, family system and psychokinesiology as well as Abhyanga can also be provided to all Santani guests, during her stay at the resort.