Body Alchemy & Energy Alignment

by David Zenon

Davide Zenon, an expert and celebrated healer with experience at worlds best wellness resorts including Chiva Som, Ananda in the Himalaya, and Six Senses will be providing special healing sessions at Santani for our guests.

With authentic presence and healing touch, David brings consciousness to the fears and blockages within our body and mind, and then works to accept, transmute and heal them. Every healing session is designed to address your unique goals.

Body Alchemy

Find freedom from painful and limiting conditions, chronic or acute physical and soft-tissue syndromes, ailments, injuries, stiffness, tension, pain, numbness and more with a combination of physical-therapy techniques, stretching, remedial, deep tissue and sports massage, and trigger point therapy. A restorative and therapeutic treatment geared towards restoring mobility and releasing tension.

Energy Alignment

Involves abdominal massage and energy work to release stress, stagnant energy and emotional toxins stuck in the energy system, particularly focused on the GUT. It can also help to alleviate digestive problems – and stimulate movement that promotes detoxification, lymphatic drainage and weight loss.

Package Includes:

  • 60 mints Healing Session.
  • Morning & Evening Yoga.
  • 3 Fine Dinning Meals.
  • Luxury Accommodation.


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David Zenon
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Celebrity Healer