Ayurvedic Body Type Analysis

    Personalized Dosha types

    We believe every person is unique and everyone needs different wellness routines. Dosha-type classification is a technique that allows us to understand the dominant parameters that affect your physiological and psychological well-being.

    These parameters are categorized as:

    1. The physical systems of the body that includes muscles and bones.
    2. The fluid system in the body such as blood, lymph and plasma.
    3. The gaseous system in the body that occurs inside cavities within the body.
    4. The energy system that regulates metabolism, mood and temperament
    5. Spaces, cavities and the gaps between components, like joints

    Ayurvedic Dosha

    The five elements-earth, air, fire, water and other (space) -come together to create the three main Doshas. Your Dosha type is determined by the dominant combinations of the above parameters.

    The gaseous system and space come together to create the Vata type, the energy and fluid systems come together to create the Pitta type, and the fluid and physical systems come together to create the Kapha type. For many people, their Dosha type is a combination of one Dosha being more dominant than the other.

    Dosha types and Well-being

    If you want to achieve a state of well-being, your Dosha needs to be balanced or, in other words, the combinations and interactions of these parameters need to be optimal

    Therefore, we'd like to start by asking you a few questions to identify your Dosha type. This will help us personalize your solutions

    Some of the questions are about physical characteristics and others about personality or habits. Answer them as honestly as possible if you are unsure, choose the option that seems accurate over most of your life. The process usually takes about 5 minutes and lets you (and us) know your Dosha type

    My skin tends to be

    My body is

    My walking style is

    My hair is

    My tongue is

    My bowel movements are typically

    My mind is

    I get excited

    My nature tends to be

    My energy level is

    My appetite is

    At work, I am naturally

    My sleeps tends to be

    In social situations, I tend to be

    In my free time, I enjoy

    My approach to money is

    I gain weight

    What is your main goal