No two people are alike. As such, every Santani package and guest experience is personalised based on an assessment of body composition, current lifestyle, stress, fitness, emotional state and future goals. The Head of Wellness together with a team of wellness professionals will conduct and analyse the assessment to customize your bespoke Santani programme, bringing you a one-of-a-kind experience only found in the best wellness and spa retreats.


Santani Recovery Treatment Package at Santani Wellness Resort and Spa

Santani is well suited to support anyone who has undergone emotional or physical trauma to regain a healthier balanced life. This fully customised programme is recovering from surgery, cancer, heart attack or stroke as well as those dealing with emotional losses.

Personal Dosha Ayurveda Retreat

If you are keen to experience the benefits of Ayurveda or intend to be treated for specific health conditions, this programme is for you.

Santani Detox

Santani Recovery Treatment Package at Santani Wellness Resort and Spa

Regular cleansing of the body is a core preventative care that will help prevent the occurrence of many diseases such as cancer, hypertension, diabetes, cardiac issues, etc.

Santani Detox programs can be customised to different needs and durations starting from 7 days to 21 days.

Unhealthy food, less physical activities, inadequate sleep, emotional imbalance and disturbed toxin elimination functions in the body can be considered as the key attributes to a weak immune system.

After a proper cleansing process and appropriate lifestyle changes, immune system does not have to fight against accumulated toxins or to support the recovering process from unhealthy habits. This rests the immune system and gives it time to rejuvenate and get to the prime condition and fight against external threats.

Santani Immune Boosting Detox package starts at a minimum of 07 nights stay and can be extended up to 21 days.

Healthy Living

Santani Weight Loss Program

For those interested primarily in weight loss, this programme is strategically designed to eliminate excess weight while leaving you feeling energized, healthy, balanced and encouraged to continue after you leave Santani.

Wellness Treatments at Santani Wellness Resort and Spa

If you want to sleep well naturally, this programme is for you, just as it will help anyone with anxiety or depression as well as sleep deprived new moms. Our experts incorporate relaxation techniques, nutrition and exercise designed in coordination to put our guests to sleep, not only in the calming environment of Santani but also by giving you training on how to get a good nights sleep.

Address your Stress

For anyone who knows they need a break to get unstuck and to reboot, yet prefers to take a more general approach to rejuvenating the mind, body and spirit, this fully bespoke programme requires absolutely no prior exposure to wellness, fitness or healthy lifestyle. Anyone will benefit from this custom combination of relaxation, nutrition, exercise and education.

Santani Recovery Treatment Package at Santani Wellness Resort and Spa

Specifically engineered to address the needs of stressed out executives, anyone facing their mid-life crisis or grappling with low energy levels, this programme combines indulgent relaxation and de-stressing treatments with mindful education to incorporate holistic health in even the most high stress everyday life.

Any sort of addiction is a psychological and physiological dependence on any substance viz alcohol, caffeine, drugs, food, taste , etc .We believe restraining from substance is not a permanent solution for any sort of vulnerability In Santani, we strengthen your mind, restructure your thought process, enhance spirituality and rebalance your physiology to over come any such vulnerability.



For anyone looking to take a yoga holiday, or try a yoga retreat, this flexible programme focuses on yoga in Sri Lanka as holistic development for the mind and body, and is adaptable to your level whether you are a beginner or an experienced practitioner.

*Valid for 7-night package. Rates will change based on the season.