Thalaguna Drive + Dumbara Weaving

The Dumbara region is resident to the weavers of Sri Lanka, who were tasked with creating these unique
designs by the ancient Kings of Sri Lanka. This form of artisanry still exists in Dumbara, and these craftsmen supply their products to popular tourist stores across the country. You will be exposed to this ancient form of weaving in its most authentic form during this experience. As an added bonus, the road to Thalaguna is one of the most scenic routes in the country, with a small winding road, turning through lush green paddy fields, and surrounded by the rugged knuckles range.


The trip will take 1.5 hours in each direction, and stops include homes where traditional weaving takes
place, and optional stops near the paddy fields, and waterfalls in the region. The total experience can take up to 6 hours.