Knuckles Hike

The Knuckles Conservation Range is a UNESCO world heritage site and is a collection of peaks across the
central region of the country. The drive to the summit, goes along the Rangala road, which is a scenic route by itself, and the climb takes you through shrub jungle terrain. The region is also unique as it is the intersection of the dry zone and the wet zone, and thus creates an amazing blend of misty and clear skies. The rugged peaks of the Knuckles named by the British for their resemblance to the knuckles of a clenched fist. The steeply shelving mountain terrain reaches 1863 m at the summit of the main Knuckles peak itself and included rare dwarf cloud forest.


This is a full day excursion, with a packed breakfasf and lunch. You will leave the property at 6am, and
drive for an hour to the summit.

• The Hiking Expedition will commence aprox 7.30am.
• En route to the summit, rest stops will be allocated at selected locations. We will also provide ample stopsfor picture capturing on the trail.
• ETA 12pm at summit for a picnic lunch (Sandwiches, cake, fruits & refreshments etc)
• ETD 1pm depart to Base via the same trail.
• ETA 5pm @ Knuckles Peak road.
• ETA 7pm @ Santani