Galmaduwa Temple

Built in 1750 by the last king of Sri Lanka, the Galmaduwa Temple has a rich heritage. Local mythology states that this was first a hiding place for Elara, Sri Lanka’s greatest enemry. However, it is historically
noted that Sri Wickrama Rajasingha built this temple, which has a significant hindu influence, as Sri Wickrama Rajasinha himself hailed from this heritage. Due to protests by the locals, the building was never opened as a kovil, and instead was venerated as a buddhist temple, and stands as a perfect fusion of two cultures, and a representation of the social dynamics in play at that point in time.


The temple is less than an hour away from the property. With 1 hour at the temple, the total duration the excursion will be approximately 3 hours. This can also be combined with the following
– Galmaduwa Craftsmen Village
– Degaldoruwa Temple Visit