Bird Watching around Santani

Sri Lanka is a tiny country with a lot a biodiversity. Likewise, the bird life of Sri Lanka is also very rich for its size with more than 500 species recorded throughout the country of which 34 are considered endemic – only found in
Sri Lanka. Around Santani we are lucky to have noted 15 of the 34 endemic species. Join our naturalist with some binoculars and a field guide at 6am (mornings are the best time for birding) and spend a couple of hours observing resident birds on this trail before breakfast. You are very likely to see a jungle fowl scuttling under a tea tree, a hornbill jostling with its mate or a serpent eagle soaring an updraft.


Distance : 1km (back and forth)
Duration : 2 hours


1-2 people – $30 (extra person + $10)