Dear Friends, 

It is with great delight we announce the reopening of Sri Lanka for international tourists on the 23rd of January 2021. After a difficult year, once again we look forward to welcoming you at our award winning haven in the mountains of Sri Lanka. Santani is a retreat that couldn’t be better designed for the new-normal, with mountain fresh air and space to breath. For us, wellness and wellbeing is elemental. 

When it comes to your health & safety, we do not leave anything to chance. We follow the strictest international protocols to ensure that you, our team and our community are protected.

I understand that this process is different from what you, as travellers, are used to, but we promise it’ll be worth it.

Looking forward to seeing you soon,

Vickum N.
Founder & CEO
Santani Wellness Resort & Spa

Before you get on that plane

1. Get confirmed bookings for your first 14 (no minimum stay requirement but in the event you are planning to stay beyond 14 days, you need a confirmed booking up to 14 days) days in Sri Lanka at hotels authorised by the Government. Santani is one of them! We however suggest a minimum 7 nights stay at the first resort in Sri Lanka as you will have to take two PCR tests within the first 7 days and you are required to take both these from the same lab.

Minimising movement till the 2nd PCR test is part of our best practices in preventing the spread of the virus.
The payment for up to 3 PCR tests (at USD 40 per test), depending on the length of your stay, is to be paid at the time of booking your stay to obtain your visa.

2. Get insured – A mandatory COVID-19 Insurance cover at USD 12 for a USD 50,000 cover over a period of 1 month, is to be paid at the time of booking your stay

3. Apply for a visa online – a simple process you have to do before you depart your country of residence.

4. Download this health declaration form, fill it in and hand it over at the airport when you arrive.

5. Keep your negative PCR test for boarding as per the airline requirements.

Getting to Santani from the Airport

We or a Safe and Secure Certified travel agent will arrange the transportation for you in a private vehicle, seaplane (based on availability) or Helicopter.

Once you arrive at Santani

1. We will conduct a PCR test on you as soon as you arrive. (There is no PCR testing done at the airport) If negative, then you can roam within our 120 acres of tea fields, river shores and walking paths, enjoy all our amenities and any other activities within our property for the first 14 days. 

2. You will be required to undergo another PCR on your 7th and 14th  day in Sri Lanka depending on the length of stay. For stays beyond 14 days, a PCR test is required 96 hours prior to your departure from Sri Lanka.

If, unfortunately, your PCR test is positive 

• But you are asymptomatic: you can still stay with us but you won’t be able to visit the restaurant or interact with other guests or staff. We will deliver food and beverages to your room. Our resident Ayurveda doctor will provide you with all the necessary care and keep the Ministry of Health informed of your progress. 

• You are symptomatic: You will be transferred to a Ministry of Health approved private hospital so you can get the necessary care. The insurance policy above will cover all related expenses.

What are we doing to ensure your safety?

1. Santani is certified by the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority as a Safe & Secure, Level – 1 Certified Hotel. This is an independent audit done by KPMG.

2. We have implemented strictest protocols in response to COVID-19. 

3. The Resort will only operate up to 50% occupancy even though the guidelines set out by the Ministry of Health is a maximum occupancy of 75%.

4. Our staff continuously undergoes random PCR tests.

5. All staff attend continuous training to update their knowledge in the latest COVID-19 based health & safety protocols.

Is the Wellness centre and spa open?

Yes, in accordance to the guidelines given by the Ministry of Health & Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority.

What is your cancellation policy?

We understand your need for flexibility when planning future travel so we have created a special cancellation policy to cater to that need. Our latest cancellation policy can be reviewed here.

What if I feel unwell during my stay?

Our resident Doctors are available and ready to provide the care you need.

With whom can I speak with to get further information?

Do feel free to contact:

Our Reservations team on [email protected]  +94763991919

Our Resort Manager, Mahesh on [email protected] +94703669119

Our Head of Wellness, Saliya on [email protected] +94776685200